Lausanne Global Classroom on Creation Care

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The Lausanne Movement collaborated with evangelical church leaders from around the world to create a 12-part series of 4-6 minute videos on creation care. In the introductory video, speakers compellingly make the case for taking care of God’s world noting that to do so obeys the very first command God gave and that it is an expression of worship. Here is an index of the series:

  1. An Introduction to Creation Care
  2. Creation Care as a Gospel Issue
  3. The Biblical Foundations of Creation Care
  4. The Radical Renewal of Creation and the New Earth
  5. Critical Issues Facing Creation Today
  6. Climate Change and the Problem of Human Greed
  7. What Sciene and Faith Can Teach Us About Creation Care
  8. Creation Care and the God of Hope
  9. The Role of the Church in Creation Care
  10. Caring for Creation One Church at a Time
  11. Creation Care Wherever You Are
  12. Caring for Creation for Tomorrow Starts Today

A downloadable User Guide provides a perfect outline for using these materials in a small group context and provides additonal suggestions for further learning.

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