A Rocha’s Creation Care Resources for your Church

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A Rocha International describes themselves as “a global family of Christian organizations which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects in more than 20 countries and across six continents.” Both A Rocha International and A Rocha USA have robust websites with many resources for churches, laypeople, scientists, and anyone interested in caring about Creation. We recommend the International site’s “At Your Service” section which allows you to search for resources by type such as prayers, music, bible studies, sermons, and more. A Rocha USA offers opportunities to connect with others through the Love Your Place initiative which provides courses, resources, and events to help you care for creation in your daily life. They also have a wealth of information and tools for tackling plastic pollution and climate change. Finally, their Wild Wonders Camp Curriculum “helps parents and churches get kids outside and sparks their imaginations as they learn about God and explore the world around them.”

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