On Being a Scientist as a Christian

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BioLogos has collected an excellent series of interviews with scientists who love God, follow Jesus, and serve the church. Here is just a taste of the kinds of things you will find in this collection:

From astrophysicist Heino Falcke: “If God is the creator of the universe, then science just means understanding God’s creation better. It is as simple as that. If God made that universe there is nothing that can disprove God. Sometimes you just need a little bit of patience to figure out what it all means.”

Microbiology Ph.D. candidate Sarah Wolf says: “I’ve always been completely amazed by the capabilities of microscopic life but it was such an awakening when I started to see the biochemical pathways and the sophisticated survival strategies of bacteria I encounter daily as a way of knowing God. My religion tells me who created the universe, my science tells me how he did it.”

And from public health leader and AME minister Apryl Brown: “My ministry in health and wellness reflects the mission of my church—it’s not just the elimination of diseases. I utilize my training in public health and Christian leadership to address preventable health-related issues affecting residents—especially vulnerable populations in my community—so there’s a strong overlap. Many verses in scripture show that our overall well being is very important to God: the foods we eat, the state of our environment, and the presence of health equity.”

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