Christians in Science (CiS)

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Begun as a network of Christians working in various scientific fields, Christians in Science (CiS) is a membership-based organization of scientific professionals, clergy, theologians, students and others interested in faith and science. CiS is a peer to the American Scientific Affiliation, aiming “to support the faith of Christians working in science and scientists in churches.”

CiS hosts local chapters in the UK, produces a journal (Science and Christian Belief), offers programs and events, and has a particular focus on mentoring and supporting Christian students studying in the sciences. Two resources may be of particular use to churches: (1) a collection of 16 “Thinking about…” leaflets designed to help non-specialists think about topics like neuroscience, human enhancement, natural disasters and the big bang; and (2) faith and work resources in their “Being a Christian in…” series that looks at Christian vocation in specific scientific disciplines.

CiS also helps coordinate an international network of like-minded organizations spanning the globe including the United States, Australia, Kenya, Brazil and Hong Kong among others.

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