Scientists in Congregations UK

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Following the path first mapped by Scientists in Congregations in the US, over 50 UK churches and ministries were awarded grants to do creative ministry engaging science at the congregational level.  Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science (ECLAS) lists the recipients with brief project descriptions for each one. Many have their own website where you can dive deeper into the specific programs they have developed.

Several of them have been featured by Faraday Churches, another excellent resource from the UK seeking to help churches benefit from the engagement with science. (For a summary of more of the Faraday Institute’s programs, see our resource here.)

Here’s just two examples of the myriad projects that might interest you:

Messy Church Does Science uses science, especially hand-on experiments, to explore aspects of the Christian faith, and demonstrate that faith and science are complementary. Primarily oriented towards children, their website has links to a variety of resources including a book, 13 free activities with scriptural connections from that book, and a YouTube channel where you can watch some of the experiments.

Bramhall Methodist Church held a series of five seminars entitled Science and the Language of Prayer which explored how a modern understanding of science might influence the way we think about God and the language we use to express our prayers. Recordings of the talks, interviews with the keynote speakers, and a hymn written in response to each seminar can be accessed through their website.

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