Coursera for Philosophy, Science, and Religion

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Do you ever wish you could take a college course again? Maybe in a topic you didn’t appreciate or have an interest in previously? If that topic is religion and science, you might want to join any of the three classes linked below. They’re offered for free through Coursera. Each class can be taken independently, though completion of all three will give a broader understanding of the topic. While a substantial time commitment, the courses can be completed at your own pace. Here’s an outline of the areas covered by each course:

Science and Philosophy

  • Are Science and Religion in conflict?
  • Neuroscience and Free Will
  • Creationism and Evolutionary Biology–Science or Pseudo-science?
  • Do Scientific claims constitute absolute truths?

Philosophy and Religion

  • What kind of conflicts are there between religion and science?
  • Does current cognitive science of religion effectively explain away God?
  • If there is a God who has made us so that we can know him, why do some people not believe?
  • Is belief in science also a kind of fundamentalism?
  • What makes us good at getting, giving, or sharing knowledge? Is this different when it is religious knowledge?

Religion and Science

  • Science, Religion, and the Origin of the Universe
  • Buddhism and Science
  • Evolution and Design
  • Sin Suffering and Salvation: Evolutions Thorny Issues
  • Human Uniqueness in Science, Theology, and Ethics

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