Homeschool Resources from BioLogos

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If you’ve ever shopped for homeschool curricula, you know what a challenge it is to find the right fit for your family – and science is a subject that can be especially challenging. The good news is that BioLogos has some resources to help you in your choice.

If you’re at the beginning of your homeschool journey, we’d recommend starting here with a breakdown of relevant considerations and brief comments on some of the curricula that are out there.

BioLogos has also created their own curriculum, INTEGRATE, intended for use by 6-12th grade in private or homeschool settings. They write, “INTEGRATE fosters a safe space for students to ask questions and explore exciting areas of science through the lens of biblical faith. INTEGRATE helps Christian young people grow in their faith in Christ as they develop a deeper love and stronger understanding of the world God has made.”

Finally, we’d like to highlight BioLogos’ overall K-12 Educators Resource Center which includes additional articles, curricula considerations, book recommendations, and more, all organized with a helpful topical side bar.

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