The Standard Model Conversations: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

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The Standard Model refers to both the relational process and the potential outcomes that result when a scientist and a pastor work together for the benefit of their church. In The Standard Model Conversations, we film conversations between a scientist and their pastor with the aim of showing what their relationship can look like and how they can benefit the wider church, including deeper engagement with both the Bible and Creation.

This video, filmed at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill, NC, with Pastor Will Rose and epidemiologist Dr. Whitney Robinson is the first in the series. You can also read more about how Holy Trinity’s work at the science-faith interface on our blog. Watch the full conversation (53:08, listed first below) or any of our shorter excerpts (0:42-1:14). To consider how your church might be able to implement The Standard Model, download our six-step guide.

The Standard Model Conversations: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Tuning the Tension Between Faith and Science

Do you avoid tension or embrace it? Like most of us, Pastor Will Rose thought he preferred to avoid it until a valuable insight helped him understand the opportunity in front of him. In this short clip, Pastor Will tells Dr. Whitney Robinson about learning to use tension to create something beautiful.

Sabbath Rest as Deep Care for Scientists

What does the church have to offer scientists? Dr. Whitney Robinson tells Pastor Will Rose how the church has given her the space to embrace Sabbath and rest in her value as a child of God apart from accomplishments. That’s some good news we all need.

Intrigued by the Questions

In this short clip, filmed at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill, NC, Pastor Will Rose tells Dr. Whitney Robinson what it was like to find joy in excellent questions even when you don’t have all the answers.

Enriched by Science & Faith

Dr. Whitney Robinson asks Pastor Will Rose how he has been supported by their church community and hears how he’s been energized by engaging with science.

Listening Well to Find Common Ground

Pastor Will Rose and Dr. Whitney Robinson talk about what it means to listen for the question behind the questions so that we can find common ground in our conversations about faith and science.

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