The Standard Model Conversations: One Family Church

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The Standard Model refers to both the relational process and the potential outcomes that result when a scientist and a pastor work together for the benefit of their church. In The Standard Model Conversations, we film conversations between a scientist and their pastor with the aim of showing what their relationship can look like and how they can benefit the wider church, including deeper engagement with both the Bible and Creation.

This video was filmed at One Family Church in St. Louis, MO, with Pastor Brent Roam and graduate student and future ophthalmologist Halle Neyens. Pastor Roam is one of our advisors and has been engaging science from the pulpit for years. We interviewed him in this blog post and we also featured one of those sermons under the Ministry Resources here. Watch the full conversation (37:05, listed first below) or any of our shorter excerpts (0:56-2:00). To consider how your church might be able to use implement a program, download The Standard Model guide (English or Español) and share it with your pastor (if you are a pastor, please share it with your peers).

The Standard Model Conversations: One Family Church

Creating a Church Culture that Values Discomfort

Graduate student Halle Neyens posits to pastor Brent Roam that a reason One Family Church is able to engage science effectively is because the church is ok with some discomfort. One Family’s teaching and culture understands that effective ministry is not just about ensuring everyone is comfortable all the time.

Worshipping God with Our Lives

A Church for a Guy Like Me Ten Years Ago

Faith That Isn’t Compartmentalized

Graduate student Halle Neyens recalls one of pastor Brent Roam’s sermon illustrations that valued science and the life of the mind. It reassured her that she did not have to compartmentalize what she learns in church from her scientific training.

Why Your Want Scientists in Your Congregation

Graduate student Halle Neyens talks to pastor Brent Roam about the benefits that scientists can bring to a church.

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