Lenten Devotional: Wild Hope

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In her second devotional book, Gayle Boss continues to draw from nature to invite us into the themes of a church season, this time Lent. “From polar bears to pangolins, animals magnificent, delicate, and intricate are vanishing at a rate faster than at any time in Earth’s history. In Wild Hope, vivid stories of 25 of these wild ones wake in us wonder—and grief at what they suffer on a planet shaped by human choices. Their stories also wake in us a wild hope that from all this death and ruin something new might rise. The promise of Lent is that something new will rise. In fact, as their stories attest, that Wild Hope is already loose in the world.” Read a review of the book from Spectrum Magazine.
If this book interests you, be sure to check out Boss’ Advent devotional as well.

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