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We take your feedback seriously. You repeatedly said you want video resources. You repeatedly said, you want materials that link science to the Bible. You identified a lack of good materials to use in small groups, Bible studies, and Sunday school classrooms. While it has taken a while for us to get to the finish line, you asked for it, and we listened. We are pleased to announce the first of several new products.

(Keep reading if you want to learn how you can get a free copy of Greg’s book, Mere Science and Christian Faith, and join him in a webinar to discuss it.)

Science Declares the Glory of God: A Curriculum Guide

We created five lessons based on a series of videos produced for theological education by the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). These 5- to 10-minute videos detail the history of science and religion as well as mainstream understandings in astronomy, biology, anthropology, and neuroscience. They are honest to the science, but also invite engagement with Christian faith.

The five-week curriculum pairs scripture and a video for each lesson (some are so rich you could divide them into two lessons) with the intent of understanding the manifold ways science is revealing to us God’s glory and tuning any tension participants might feel between their faith and science. It is ideally led by a team that includes at least one science professional. We are confident it will get your congregation thinking in new ways about the God we confess as creator, redeemer, and sustainer.

Download it now!

This is the first of three curriculum we are producing leveraging DoSER’s suite of videos; the second one, Reading God’s Book of Nature, will follow later this fall.

Advent Horizons: Exploring the Intersections of Scripture and Science

Nearly a year ago, we released our first devotional, Look Closely! Your reactions made it clear you wanted more materials using science to give fresh perspectives on the Bible. So, in the coming weeks, we will release an Advent devotional with four weekly entries plus Christmas. Designed for individual or group use, this presents a new way to approach key texts that prepare us for the arrival of a babe in a manger on Christmas morning.

Authors include scientists and members of our SftC team. The five entries consider virgin birth, Jesus as an embryo, the star that guided the Magi, the long childhood of Jesus, and questions around “realness” and the incarnation.

Here is what we have been up to since the spring.

In April, Greg and Drew were part of a meeting hosted by Blueprint 1543 with several dozen psychologists and church leaders to consider how to better resource and support churches with the psychological sciences. In July, they released a video featuring Greg, Everett Worthington, Cynthia Erickson, David Wang, Sarah Schnitker, and other guests of that meeting answering the question, What Can Psychology Do for Ministry?

Greg was on two podcasts talking about his research on religion and science—first with Tripp Fuller on Homebrewed Christianity and then with Dan Koch on You Have Permission.

Greg presented on “Science-Engaged Congregations and the Future of the American Church” (essentially SftC’s The Standard Model) at the Christian Scholars Conference held in Houston June 7-9.

Greg was an advisor for a retreat for Women in Science and Humanities directed by Biola University’s Leslie Wickman July 11-14 in Lake Tahoe.

If you missed Greg’s program this past Saturday (September 16) with neuroscientist Leonard Matheson on Neuroscience and Christianity Spirituality, the video will be posted soon.

While Drew was enjoying his wife’s sabbatical, Greg and Ed were preaching the gospel at churches from east to west. On July 23, Greg preached on cultivating goodness as an antidote to loneliness, and drew from the work of Laurie Santos, a cognitive scientist and professor at Yale University, who teaches the wildly popular class “Psychology and the Good Life.” On that same day, Ed preached on how brain science and neurotheology can help us understand God’s leading and revelation. Ed remained a busy preacher with sermons engaging psychology and mental health and another featuring the science for forgiveness over the last month.

  • September 23 – Seattle, Washington. Greg will be speaking at Sammamish Presbyterian Church on Neuroscience and Christianity Spirituality: A Neuro-Biblical Approach to Love.
  • September 24 – Portland, Oregon. Greg will talk about his new book, Science and Religions in America: A New Look at West Hills Covenant Church.
  • October 1 – Washington, D.C. Science for the Church is hosting a meet and greet with pastors, scientists, donors, and individuals like you at Virginia Theological Seminary. Email us for more information and to RSVP.
  • October 5 – Detroit, Michigan. Drew, alongside our friends at the Synod of the Covenant, will host a meet and greet with clergy at First Presbyterian Church in Royal Oak.
  • October 8 – Rochester Hills, Michigan. Drew is teaching on faith and health at University Presbyterian Church
  • October 8 – Los Gatos, California. Greg is preaching at the Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos and speaking to the young adult group, the youth group, and an adult education class on integrating science and faith.
  • October 19-21 – Springfield, Missouri. Science for the Church friend, Pastor Will Rose, will be representing us at Theology Beer Camp.
  • November 17-20 – Greg will attend the American Academy of Religion meeting in San Antonio, TX.
  • Early 2024 – Wake Forest, North Carolina. A kick-off event at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary will launch a webinar series on clergy health and well-being with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. More info soon.
  • April 2024 Raleigh, North Carolina – Science for the Church will be attending the BioLogos conference.

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Get Greg’s Book for Free!

We want you to join us in the effort to improve the way the church engages scientists and science. Please consider becoming a monthly donor. A monthly gift of any size will get you a free copy of Greg’s book, Mere Science and Christian Faith, as well as an invitation to join November 8 at 9:30 PST/12:30 EST for a special Zoom conversation with Greg. Moreover, it will allow us to keep relating faith and science for the health and future of the church.



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