Reading God’s Book of Nature

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In this newsletter and beyond, I have written about the experiences of science professionals like Rick Lindroth (featured in this video). While there are many exceptions (hopefully including your congregation), the church is not well known as a welcoming place for scientists. Even individuals who have been members of a congregation for decades don’t always feel accepted by their church.

So, what do we do about this problem?

A Second Curriculum Guide

We are pleased to announce our second video-based curriculum which is designed to address this very issue. Reading God’s Book of Nature was created to help scientists understand their work as a godly calling and at the same time help the non-scientists in our churches understand what scientists do, what motivates them, and how their call to science is similar to and different from other vocations.

The three-lesson curriculum is based on a series of videos produced for theological education by the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). These short videos feature scientists—some but not all of whom are Christians—describing what they do, why they do it, and how the work they do contributes to the greater good. We center each of the three lessons around a biblical text, shedding new insights on God’s Word and how to apply it to the problem the church faces around its relationship to science.

Like our previous curriculum, Science is Telling the Glory of God, we strongly encourage you to include the voices of science professionals in leading it. We have tried to design it so it will work in a variety of settings—from a small group to a campus ministry program, from a mid-week adult forum to a Bible study—and so it will foster good conversation between scientists and other members of your ministry.

Download it now and join us in trying to change the narrative around science and the church.

Addition and Subtraction

Continuing with some updates here at Science for the Church, we are excited to announce that Jessica Moerman, a pastor and scientist, who currently serves as the president and CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network is joining our board. Revisit our interview with her earlier this year (blog or YouTube).  In addition to her research on climate change and her public speaking and policy work around creation care, she planted and now co-pastors an urban church with her husband. We are excited to benefit from her deep faith, her wide-ranging expertise, and her pastoral heart.

Jessica will be taking the board spot previously held by Brent Roam, pastor of One Family Church. As we have highlighted in the past (blog or YouTube), Brent is a pioneer at leveraging science and scientists in his dynamic ministry in the Delmar Loop/University City neighborhood in St. Louis. As he steps down from the board, we will continue to benefit from his example (like these video conversations with a scientist), his encouragement, and his friendship.

Here is what we have been up to since the fall.
  • In September, Greg did multiple programs in Seattle and Portland, including lessons at West Hills Covenant Church and Sammamish Presbyterian Church.
  • In early October, Drew and Ed met with a delightful group of pastors, scientists, and church leaders at Virginia Theological Seminary.
  • The next week Drew did a meet and greet with clergy in the Detroit area followed by an adult forum at a university church in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
  • That same October weekend Greg preached and taught a full weekend of programming at the Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos just south of San Jose, California.
  • During Advent, Drew preached unexpectedly at his home church in Raleigh, North Carolina and Greg’s home congregation, Bidwell Presbyterian in Chico, California, used our second devotional, Advent Horizons.

  • Feb. 6 – Wake Forest, NC. Drew joins Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary counseling professor, Kristin Kellen, to lead a luncheon on pastors and mental health.
  • Feb. 12, 19, 26, and March 4 – Drew will help lead a series of webinars for pastors on mental health with the Center for Faith and Culture and the Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Feb. 20 – Greg will be speaking virtually to the Affiliation of Christian Biologists on how to build trust between Christian and scientific communities.
  • Feb. 24 – Hagerstown, MD. Ed is leading a workshop on the science of love and relationships for the Hagerstown Latino Church of the Nazarene.
  • March 8-10 – Philadelphia, PA. Heather, Ed, and Drew will be doing a series of events including a meet and greet with donors, March 9 at 4 p.m. at Gloria Dei Episcopal Church and teaching and preaching at First Baptist Church on Sunday.
  • April 17-19 – Raleigh, NC. Come say hi to Greg and Drew at the BioLogos conference.
  • April 20-21 – Chapel Hill, NC. With our friends at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, we are putting together an event for churches and campus ministries near UNC’s main campus. Greg will preach and help lead an Earth Day service at Holy Trinity that Sunday.
  • April 21 – Raleigh, NC. Drew will be preaching and NASA astronomer Jennifer Wiseman will lead an adult forum on faith and science at Drew’s home church.
  • May 1-2 – We will be part of a 24-hour Giving Day fundraiser. More details to follow on how you can double the impact of a donation to Science for the Church!
  • May 10-12 – Houston, TX. Greg will be at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for a weekend of programs.
  • May 18-19 – Bremerton, WA. Greg will be preaching and teaching at Peninsula Bible Fellowship.
  • June 16 – Brighton, MI. Drew will be preaching at First Presbyterian Church in Brighton.

Throughout 2024, through our Vital Worship, Vital Preaching grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, we will be working closely with Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico, California, El Mesias United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and West Raleigh Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Follow us on Facebook for more information on any of these programs, or contact us to invite us to preach, teach, or consult at your church.


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