Happy Anniversary (of sorts)!

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A quick history lesson: this newsletter began as “eSTEAM” back in 2017 to support the pastor/scientist leadership teams of the ministries selected to receive grants from the Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries program (STEAM) hosted by Fuller Seminary. By my count—allowing for some margin of error—this week’s installment means we have produced one newsletter for every day of a calendar year.

If you had told me back in 2017, we’d still be producing it seven years later, I would have doubted like Thomas. Yet, we continue to produce them every week because you read them. You tell us that they inspire your faith, equip you to talk about faith and science with others, and help you in the various ministries you undertake.

How about we make a little deal? You keep on reading, and we will keep on writing.

Help Us Celebrate

OK, this data is not worth celebrating, but it shows there is a need for our ministry. In the last twenty-five years, researchers tell us that 40 million people have left the church. That is 12.5 times greater than the number of persons (3.2 million) who made decisions to follow Christ during four decades of Billy Graham’s crusades.

There are many reasons for this troubling decline, and we are convinced that one contributing factor is the failure of the church to engage science well. Science for the Church exists to remedy that. We see faith and science as a new evangelism frontier, and we feel called to help the church venture into this new territory. It’s why we write this newsletter; it’s why we preach and teach in churches; it’s why we are equipping clergy and church leaders; and it’s why we occasionally ask you to donate to our ministry.

We have a special opportunity May 1-2 (noon to noon) as we have been invited to participate in Giving Day 2024. Thanks to several generous donors who want to see a day where science is no longer a barrier to Christian faith, we have $5,000 in matching incentives. Our goal is 50 new donors and each gift, big or small, nets us an additional $100. There is no better time to celebrate seven years of this newsletter and to make a gift to Science for the Church.

So mark your calendar and visit Giving Day 2024 between noon on May 1 and noon on May 2 to make a gift and help us continue to dismantle one of the barriers that is keeping so many people away from our churches.

Anyone who donates now through May 2 will be invited to an exclusive webinar on neuroscience and worship with Leonard Matheson on Tuesday, May 14, at 12:30 p.m. EST.

Fun Days at BioLogos

Last week, we joined our friends at BioLogos for their annual conference in Raleigh, and we led a pre-conference workshop for church leaders. Greg and Drew were joined by Pastor Will Rose and scientist and campus minister, Stephanie Holmer, in leading a group of clergy and science professionals interested in learning how to bring science to church.

Watch the video below to hear Greg and Drew reflections on that experience.

It’s been a busy start to 2024.
  • Once each month, beginning in January, Drew has been working through our curriculum, “Science is Telling the Glory of God,” with his home congregation.
  • Drew joined colleagues at Southeastern Baptist Seminary and beyond for a series of programs for pastors on mental health back in February. The series looked at stress and anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, and conflict resolution with guests like psychologist David Wang and biblical counseling professor Kristin Kellen.
  • Greg spoke to the Affiliation of Christian Biologists in February on how to build trust between Christian and scientific communities. You can view it here.
  • Also in February, Ed led a workshop on the science of love and relationships for the Hagerstown Latino Church of the Nazarene.
  • Drew joined Heather and Ed in Philadelphia in early March for a series of programs. We met with clergy and donors and did programs with historic First Baptist Church of Philadelphia and Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church.
  • Greg preached his first Easter sermon in quite some time at his home church. You can view it here.
  • Over the weekend, we were in Chapel Hill for an event at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church where pastor Will Rose asks NASA astronomer Jennifer Wiseman what the heavens declare. Video is forthcoming.
  • That was Saturday and on Sunday, Wiseman taught an adult forum and joined Drew in leading worship at his home church with her reflections on the galaxy group, Stephan’s Quintet.
  • May 14 – Virtual [Invitation only]. Donate on (or before) Giving Day 2024 (from noon May 1 to noon May 2) and you can join Leonard Matheson for a webinar on neuroscience and worship.
  • May 18-19 – Bremerton, WA. Greg will be preaching and teaching at Peninsula Bible Fellowship.
  • June 16 – Brighton, MI. Drew will be preaching and doing a youth group program at First Presbyterian Church in Brighton.
  • Labor Day weekend, Greg will be in Houston for a series of events, including a program with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.
  • Throughout 2024, through our Vital Worship, Vital Preaching grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, we are working closely with Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico, California, El Mesias United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and West Raleigh Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. The first videos of their efforts to bring science to worship will be posted on YouTube soon.

Follow us on Facebook for more information on any of these programs, or contact us to invite us to preach, teach, or consult at your church.


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