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Activated: A Conversation with Technologist Matt York

Pretty much every day, I rack my brain to find examples for how churches can connect with science and technology to enhance their ministries.

On one such day, I thought of my friend Matt York, Executive Director of illuminAid, which “brings life-saving information to remote communities without access to internet or electricity.” Because the intersection of technology and science can be activated in almost any congregation in America, I decided to ask what led him to use his skills in video technology for the kingdom of God.

Little Big

We’ve had this remarkable evening, year after year, on which we come together for a little while to sing songs, to pray in hopes of feeling connected, to hear a story of a little place that comes out big, of a fleeting moment that turns out to be eternal, of an event that seems insignificance in a world of big plans and big ideas and big struggles, but that becomes the beginning of the most potent, meaningful, and world-changing story of all.