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Using the Tools of Psychology to Study Children’s Ministry

While children do think differently about the world, they also offer an interesting case study about how we communicate love… when we kind of back up the developmental clock and look at kids, we see that love is just as much an embodied interaction in a relational space. Even when we cover it up and rationalize it in adulthood, that doesn’t go away. For this reason, there’s value in thinking about what formation looks like for our 10-year-olds. They cry for the same experiences our adult hearts crave.

On Debates, Differences, and Dismissals

Unlike my reaction to the previous debate, I was pleasantly surprised by Dawkins v. Collins. There was mutual respect. Dawkins expressed his gratitude for all Collins did to care for their mutual friend, Christopher Hitchens. He also deferred to Collins’s expertise and leadership around Covid-19. It was clear they generally share the same understanding of evolution and science. They also share a common pursuit of truth, especially around the biggest question, Is there a God?.