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Why Care for Creation? Part 2

Our churches are often divided over climate change. A discussion of the topic will generate much heat–and whether it is a heat that illuminates or burns is unclear… Yet there are ways to talk productively about climate change.

Why Care About Creation? Part 1

“Talk about it.” Those three words are what Katharine Hayhoe tells the church and every other community to do if they want to learn how to support the long-term well-being of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Following the Sunbeam Back to the Sun

What sounds of leaves rustling in the wind have I missed when I take a walk with my iPhone and air pods stuck in my ears? Has my vision for the crow or the owl been diminished by the hours I stare into a computer screen? Underneath the electric lamps (both indoors and out), have I lost what the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard called “the view of the stars”?

Rewire Your Brain in 2019

Rewire Your Brain in 2019

Our faith can give us the power for change, but so does our God-given neurobiology. Scientists call it neuroplasticity. Our brains are malleable, and as our neurons and synapses rewire, we change. New neurons can even form. This happens throughout our lives, though at a slower rate as adults. Any repeated brain activity rewires us, and once rewired, our mental and physical experience of the world can be transformed.

Scientists, Pastors… & Toys?

Scientists, Pastors… & Toys?

How do scientists and clergy work together for the good of the gospel? Fortunately, the Christian scientists I’ve met share a love for both their individual specialities and for the bigger-picture greater good of the Gospel of Jesus.