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Another Way of Slicing the Science-Faith Pie

Many spiritual atheist scientists talk about the limitations of science, which clarifies so much about the world but cannot explain the “human nature of being.”

Let’s pause, for moment, on that phrase, spiritual atheist scientists… “Spiritual” and “atheist” in the same sentence? It makes bringing science to church quite interesting, doesn’t it?

Mental Health: Come to Me, and I will Give You Rest

Most seminary-trained clergy are required to take courses dealing with psychology and counseling. However, in some traditions, these requirements are perfunctory at best. Therefore, a significant number of pastors are ill-prepared to deal with these issues unless they’ve had previous training or seek further training in this area.

Devotional: Memory is Tied to Hope

The deep truth of the Shema is that the one God, our God, has done great things in the past and when we remember them, and remember our God as the source of all good things, we can imagine a future. Memory is tied not only to imagination but ultimately to hope.

Rewire Your Brain in 2019

Rewire Your Brain in 2019

Our faith can give us the power for change, but so does our God-given neurobiology. Scientists call it neuroplasticity. Our brains are malleable, and as our neurons and synapses rewire, we change. New neurons can even form. This happens throughout our lives, though at a slower rate as adults. Any repeated brain activity rewires us, and once rewired, our mental and physical experience of the world can be transformed.

Scientists, Pastors… & Toys?

Scientists, Pastors… & Toys?

How do scientists and clergy work together for the good of the gospel? Fortunately, the Christian scientists I’ve met share a love for both their individual specialities and for the bigger-picture greater good of the Gospel of Jesus.