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Artificial Intelligence & The Future

An Easter Reflection on AI and Technology

As I look at our previous newsletter article, it is clear that AI can effectively collect, organize, and present information in written form. However, in its current iteration, this technology cannot embody the elements that make for effective human communication and interaction. While ChatGPT suggested that the events surrounding Holy Week are a simple matter of religious belief and cultural significance, the truth is that they are far more than that.

The Shadow Side of Self-Driving Trucks

Clearly, self-driving autonomous trucks will make truck drivers a relic of the past. The industry needs an army of engineers, mathematicians, and technicians to keep these systems working safely and at optimal levels. This seismic industry shift presents a prime opportunity for helping BIPOC students see STEM as a viable alternative… We can use our social capital, influence, and collective wisdom to help guide this shift in ways that are equitable and just.