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George Washington Carver on Revitalizing Soil and Soul

While many science and faith conversations are dominated by questions about how life began on Earth or if God exists, Black people aren’t questioning that, said Grant. What they do wonder about can be discussed through the life of Carver: “Why is there so much evil and why are we treated less than human? We want to look at the nature of evil, and what does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be disregarded and dehumanized?”

John Wesley and Science: Using Science to Serve the Poor

Outside of holiness circles, John Wesley’s contributions to our theological understanding, his approach to social action leading to transformation, and the use of science as a tool for social improvement have gone unnoticed or altogether ignored. As this introduction hints, my approach to theology is decidedly Wesleyan and, in the same way Greg Cootsona circles back to St. Clive when he writes, I cannot help but talk about St. John Wesley and his contributions to Christian thought.