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How Judaism Engages Science: My Conversation with Geoff Mitelman

…in Jewish discussion of texts, such as the Torah and the Talmud, there’s a good deal of argumentation—“show me the text”—it’s like science (and to some degree, like Canon Law in Catholicism). We call this havruta or “pairs,” since two people learning together are better than one learning alone. It’s therefore not lectio divina—a silent reflection on Scripture. Instead, there’s lots of gesticulations and textual work. Traditionally, in the Jewish school or yeshiva, it’s cacophony.

On Debates, Differences, and Dismissals

Unlike my reaction to the previous debate, I was pleasantly surprised by Dawkins v. Collins. There was mutual respect. Dawkins expressed his gratitude for all Collins did to care for their mutual friend, Christopher Hitchens. He also deferred to Collins’s expertise and leadership around Covid-19. It was clear they generally share the same understanding of evolution and science. They also share a common pursuit of truth, especially around the biggest question, Is there a God?.