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At Science for the Church, we’ve heard it plenty of times: “I want to engage science within my congregation, but I don’t even know where to start!”

The Standard Model: Six Steps to Engage Science in Church lays out a simple process to follow that’s been tested in over 100 Christian ministries. Get started down a path to reinvigorate your church, attract new members, cultivate spiritual growth, increase youth involvement, and more.

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Who We Are

Science for the Church exists to change the posture of the church, pastors, and individual Christians as they relate to science and scientists.

Our vision is of a day when churches embrace science as a means for spiritual growth. We admit that some today posit science against faith, but we actually want churches to read both the Book of Scripture and the book of nature as sources to understand God and creation.

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By Popular Demand

By Popular Demand

To shed light on these texts, Reyes-Ton’s words and Bustard’s images put biblical passages in conversation with what we currently know about flatworms, nociception, microtubules, corals, fox dens and what has sometimes been called the Jesus Christ lizard.

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What About Evolution? Greg Talks with a Theologian and a Biologist

Can Christians with a high view of scripture accept the biological theory of evolution? These authors respond with a resounding, “Yes!” As Todd Wilson, co-founder and president of the Center for Pastor Theologians, commented, “The authors guide us through a complex thicket of issues—biological, theological, biblical, and pastoral—with both wisdom and grace.”

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“A science engaged theology is vital for the vibrancy of the Church. Science for the Church seeks to curate a space where relationships and resources can help this vibrancy become a reality.”

Will Rose, Parish Pastor at
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Your Guide to Engaging Science

Tested in nearly 100 Christian ministries, The Standard Model is a six-step guide to help churches engage science for the benefit of congregations.

The Standard Model - Cover Image