“It is a great gift for us all when gifted scientists who are also faithful Christians offer their reflections to help illumine the gifts of God through His Creation. In this wonderful set of reflections, Ciara Reyes-Ton stimulates our imaginations and encourages us to find resonance between science and faith. Beautifully done!”

 Gregory Jones
President of Belmont University

Look Closely!: A Devotional Using Scripture and Science

Look Closely!: A Devotional Using Scripture and Science

By popular demand, Science for the Church presents a devotional to help you strengthen your faith and your church using powerful insights from science and nature. This beautiful ebook written by biologist Ciara Reyes-Ton and designed by artist Ned Bustard can be used by individuals or small groups and Bible studies to grow deeper in seeing the many ways God—our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer—is revealed both in scripture and the handiwork of creation.

$10 Suggested Donation. 68 Pages, Designed for Individual or Small Group Use

Who We Are

Science for the Church exists to strengthen the church, pastors, and individual Christians as they engage with science and scientists.

Our vision is of a day when churches embrace science as a means for spiritual growth. We admit that some today posit science against faith, but we actually want churches to read both the Book of Scripture and the book of nature as sources to understand God and creation.

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Illuminate Scripture with Science

A devotional resource written by biologist Ciara Reyes-Ton and designed by artist Ned Bustard, bridging the work of scientists and the truth of scripture.

Look Closely Devo - Cover Image

This devotional will enhance your love for God's Word and God's World. Ciara Reyes-Ton does an amazing job of helping us see how God's two books - the book of Scripture and the book of Nature work together in amazing ways. I've never read a devotional like this one before. I learned something new as I turned every page.

Dr. Chris Dolson
Pastor Emeritus Blackhawk Church, Madison, WI

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