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James Webb Telescope: The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

From ancient times, we have peered into the skies seeking to understand the magnitude of God’s handiwork… This quest has led theologians and scientists alike to peer into the skies for clues to help them build and support cosmogonic theories. So, following this great tradition of scientific and theological inquiry, the James Webb space telescope images provide us with the latest window into God’s creative impetus.

Little Big

We’ve had this remarkable evening, year after year, on which we come together for a little while to sing songs, to pray in hopes of feeling connected, to hear a story of a little place that comes out big, of a fleeting moment that turns out to be eternal, of an event that seems insignificance in a world of big plans and big ideas and big struggles, but that becomes the beginning of the most potent, meaningful, and world-changing story of all.