The intersection of faith and science doesn’t need to be complicated

And the benefits are many.
By engaging science in your congregation, you can…

  • Reinvigorate your church
  • Attract new members
  • Gain confidence in tackling tough topics
  • Increase youth involvement
  • And more…

We’ll give you six steps that have worked for nearly 100 Christian ministries:

The Standard Model - Cover Image

Address Complexity
with Simplicity

The Standard Model of Particle Physics received considerable attention for its predictive power. The Higgs Boson (aka the “God particle”) was predicted back in the mid-1960s and, sure enough, it was found in 2012 by the Large Hardon Collider at CERN. Predictive power is essential to any robust scientific theory or model.

That is one of the reasons we believe The Standard Model is an apt name for our relational approach for helping the church engage science. While we only recently dubbed it The Standard Model, we have seen it work for over a decade in nearly 100 Christian ministries. Intentional and sustained relationships between pastors and scientists predict a range of potential successes: new members, enhanced community reputation, spiritual growth among participants, confidence in a congregation’s ability to tackle tough issues, youth involvement, leadership development, and reenergized ministries and ministry leaders.

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