How do we engage science in the church?

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Science for the Church

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God’s creation is amazing—it beckons us to explore and discover. But the last century has seen an unhelpful pattern of the church disengaging from science. Science for the Church equips Christian leaders and scientists of faith with content, resources, networks, and events in pursuit of a day when science is no longer a barrier to faith, but instead augments the work of the church.

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The Role of Faith in a Mental Health Crisis

The Role of Faith in a Mental Health Crisis

One-in-five adults suffered from mental illness (52.9 million Americans) in 2021. For 14.2 million American adults the diagnosis is severe. Of those suffering, fewer than half received treatment and the young (18–25 years-old) are more susceptible to illness and receive the least care. These numbers tell us that wherever five or more gather, not only is Christ among them, but one likely suffers some type of mental illness. This is one place science can help the church.

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